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The DIVA Zone™



The DIVA Zone™ Tele-Chat Network is designed to provide our clients with something beyond a mere magazine subscription; we offer an intimate and unique experience.  When you purchase a DIVA Zone™ Tele-Chat Network Membership, not only will receive an annual subscription (6 issues) of The DIVA Zone™ Magazine, but you will have the benefit of speaking to the real editors and writers of the magazine concerning articles written. You are welcomed to become part of niche communities with other individuals and groups with common interests such as reading, artistry, business, ministry, etc. through our many networking opportunities and events. You also become part of a national support system that recognizes that we need each other to survive.  There is a DIVA Zone™ Tele-Chat Membership designed to suit your needs, whether you desire to simply become connected, need affordable help in sharpening your marketing skills to become more efficient in business or desire to purchase advertising that goes beyond a print ad, but rather allows you to engage your target audience with a personal touch; The DIVA Zone™ Tele-Chat Network. 

Membership will undoubtedly help you reach your goals!


1.  General Tele-Chat Network Membership (DIVA Zone™) -  For an annual fee of $60, members will receive:


  • Select invitations to General Tele-Chat Sessions with Editors, Writers, Physicians, Fitness Experts, Nutritionists, etc.

  • Discounts to select networking socials and Annual Events.











2.  Premium Small Business Tele-Chat Network Membership (DIVA Zone™/DZE Power Networking Zone) - For an annual fee of $120, members will receive ($10 per month): 


  • Select invitations to both General and Marketing Education Tele-Chat Sessions wit Marketing, Promotions, Advertising, Public Relations and Special Events Executive focusing on topics such as Identifying Audiences, Branding, Marketing Campaigns, Crisis Communications, Event Planning, etc.

  • Discounts to ALL annual DIVA Zone™ Events including all national networking socials. 










 Visit Us at:

Billed Annually, $60.00

Billed Monthly, $5.00

Billed Annually, $120.00

Billed Monthly, $10.00

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